140 STORY: 15 Tips For Joining In A Twitter Event

Today has felt like an even bigger and better #housingday. Really positive buzz on twitter and that sense of ‘feeling proud’ among colleagues and tenants alike. I never fail to be surprised how ‘getting it right’ online can be so effective And powerful. Here is another great blog from @danslee. It was a perfect start for #housingday. Content relevant for any twitter event. One for the note book, for applying and sharing! @Adecapon

Dan Slee

8237167016_0317889078_oSo, you are wondering whether or not to join in #housingday, #ourday or a similar real time Twitter event.

But I’ll bet you think that you’ve nothing to say and not many people will find what you are doing interesting, right?

Good news. You couldn’t be further from the truth and by taking part you’ll be lending your voice to create a far louder noise around an area that no doubt doesn’t always shout about itself.

Back in 2010, me and some colleagues staged #walsall24 which was the first real-time Twitter event in local government. We won the first LGComms gold social media award and for a day the borough was the centre of the digital universe. People from across the council used Twitter to post the day-to-day things we were doing.

We’d taken the idea from Greater Manchester Police and tweaked it. It’s great to see others now take…

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